European Alumni Association of Georgia

EAAG is a membership-based, pro-western, pro-EU civic organisation, which unites alumni of different European universities and people who support stronger relations between the EU and Georgia.


The founding assembly of the organisation took place in June 2013. The overall objective of the effort is to bring together those who share the same attitudes and have a sense of ownership and belonging to the vast and diverse EU community. The organisation exists to encourage youth participation as active citizens in the construction of a democratic and westernized country. We believe that our initiatives can enhance young people’s active interest and engagement in European issues and their feeling of “Europeanness” in support of the fundamental rights, opportunities and values of Europe. EAAG tries to foster Georgia’s EU integration and aims to raise awareness among Georgian public through active communication. 


Everyone who shares the goals of European Alumni Association of Georgia may become a member. The EAAG acts as a mechanism for people residing in Georgia to gather who attended school or university at any level in the European Union, EU Candidate Countries, the Former Yugoslavia, or the Schengen Area, as well as people who wish to promote close relations between Georgia and the European Union. Organization members have an opportunity to get many tangible benefits, including invitations for EAAG events and consultations about studying and working abroad. 

The EAAG plans and coordinates a variety of events for members and supporters, in which  attendees have the opportunity to share ideas, and familiarize with EU developments, news, activities, international projects and educational programs.

Once the organisation begins to function in its full capacity, it will inform European structures about developments in Georgia, inform the greater Georgian public about the EU and other European organisations, and in general will act as a conduit for information relevant to Georgia’s relationship with Europe and the relationship among Europeans and Georgian residents.


Natia Gamkrelidze is EAAG Chairwoman.


Natia is currently finalizing her master in Welfare Policies and Management at Lund University. She has graduated from Institute for European Studies of Tbilisi State University. Where she obtained a master's degree in European Studies. She also graduated from Grigol Robakidze University, Faculty of Social Sciences.

She has been studying International Relations during the academic year of 2014-2015 at Malmo University, Sweden. She has a great experience in the field of International Relations, including projects and sociological research in the governmental and private sector. She has worked in various positions in the National Statistic Office, Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, Tbilisi City Hall, the Information Society Development Institute and other private companies. She is a Director of the DIPLOMAT and PARLIAMENT magazines, and Chairwoman of our organization.

Our Board Members

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Pelagia Makhauri (2016)


Pelagia has graduated from Leiden University in the Netherlands, where she obtained a master’s degree in European Law. She gained significant international experience by working as a researcher and an editor in EU Law at the Dutch company Caselex B.V. Pelagia has been working at Transparency International Georgia and Red Cross Society. She speaks fluent English and Georgian, also Russian, French and Dutch at different proficiency levels. Pelagia joined EAAG in 2016.

William Dunbar (2015)

William is a journalist and researcher who has been based in Georgia since 2006. A dual British and Georgian citizen, William writes extensively about Georgia's culture, politics and economics for a wide variety of leading international publications.


Nino Janashia (2015)

Nino is a Lawyer at ISFED  -  International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy.  Graduated in International and European Law with outstanding multi-lingual proficiency, sound cultural sensitivity and interpersonal skills. she has a very Comprehensive experience and interests in elections, human rights and democratization, gender, rule of law and policy analysis.


Tornike Tsiramua

(Joined EAAG board in 2016)



(Joined EAAG board in 2014)

Lasha Kheladze

(Joined EAAG board in 2016)

Elene Gabelaia

(Joined EAAG board in 2014)

Ketevan Vardosanidze

(Joined EAAG board in 2014)

Etuna Tsotniashvili

(Joined EAAG board in 2015)